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    “Recetas de Chile” gathers the best preparations of our country.

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    traditional Chilean dishes

    In this version you can find more than 40 new tutorial videos to learn how to make your favorite dishes. Now you can also share photos of your preparations with other users.

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  • Awards

    Since its launch in 2016, “Recetas de Chile” has received the following international recognitions:

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The App

“Recetas de Chile” brings together the best traditional dishes of our country that reflect the cultural heritage of Latin America. We invite you to download the app and learn how to make more than 200 delicious dishes. Discover our land through its flavors.

Chile is a diverse country in terms of geography, climate, resources and cultures. The country’s cuisine is a reflection of this diversity of which you can now learn about and share with the app “Recetas de Chile”.


Nothing like homemade bread or “pebre” paired with a delicious “pisco sour” to whet your appetite; or what about some tempting “empanadas”? Discover the best way to start a meal with “Recetas de Chile”.


Delicious, healthy, and easy to make; a salad is always a good option to add to your menu. In “Recetas de Chile” you can find different alternatives: beans salad, quinoa salad, or the delicious simplicity of the Chilean salad.

Main courses

Few things sum up Chile so well like a scrumptious “cazuela”, a powerful “charquicán”, or the seasonal “humitas” and “pastel de choclo”.

Give these dishes a try and enjoy their combination of flavor and homelike warmth!


They are classics that never fail to impress. Our vast sandwich tradition is also present in “Recetas de Chile” with the incomparable “chacarero”, different varieties of “lomitos”, and the popular “completo”.


A journey through the dynamic desserts of Chile. Whether it is to close a meal properly or to prepare the perfect “once”: “calzones rotos”, “leche asada”, or a refreshing “mote with huesillo”. They are all impossible to resist!

The Project

"Recetas de Chile" (Recipes of Chile) is a project by Imagen de Chile, institution that has as its aim promoting the Chile’s image at international level. The latter with the aim of contributing to the competitiveness of the country through the management of its country brand.

The main objective of the application is to promote preparations that are present in our country and that draw from the cultural heritage of Latin America. In this way, it aims to promote aspects of the country’s identity as well as local ingredients through a digital experience of a high standard, strengthening the promotion of Chile's culinary culture through a collaborative work with public and private institutions.


“Recetas de Chile” originated out the conviction of the importance of a coordinated work between all sectors in order to promote the distinctive attributes of the country. That is why, in the first phase of the project, Imagen de Chile led the initiative in close collaboration with Inacap.

In this second phase, new actors that have made the promotion of Chilean gastronomy part of their work have taken part in the project. Such is the case of Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes, Dirección de Bibliotecas, Archivos y Museos, and ProChile.

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